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Analysis of first 2 games of the seasons

Well the regular season is right around the corner so I am going to break down each game, providing fantasy insight as well as my actual game predictions. I will be doing the games in eight separate posts so here are the first 2. I’ll break down the fantasy relevant players into three categories: Good to Go, In a Pinch, Not a Prayer. Good to Go players should (now I will preface everything with should because I can’t always be right, I am not a prophet but I do try and use all of the facts and stats to make educated calls) be poised to have solid and possibly exceptional weeks. In a Pinch Players could have a solid week but they are players that I would use if I was desperate and I wouldn’t rely on them for great results. Not a Prayer players are guys that I avoid at all costs unless they are the only eligible player for that spot since they are usually better than an empty slot (although not always…see Marques Colston from last year….fumbles ring a bell?).

Minnesota Vikings vs. New Orleans Saints                           Thursday, September 9th, 8:30 PM

This should be a great opening game. Favre is back (like we all knew he would be) but the Vikings are missing Sidney Rice. This should be quite the rematch as the Saints sent Favre and the Vikings packing in the NFC Championship game last year. I predict plenty of blitzes from the Saints and Favre, on his surgically ‘repaired’ ankle, could be running for his life. I predict the Saints to start the season off with a big win.

Good to Go:

Percy Harvin- No Sidney Rice and Favre can still throw. Harvin should be heavily targeted plus punt and kick return possibilities….I like it.

Adrian Peterson- If Purple Jesus can stop fumbling he is poised for a great year. I like him a lot against an iffy Saints’ rushing defense.

Drew Brees, Marques Colston- Colston is an animal and Brees is just really really good. Brees will rack up some numbers and someone has to be on the receiving end of them.

In a Pinch:

Brett Favre: I expect Favre to get knocked around and throw some picks but he can still sling it and rack up yards and a couple of tds.

Reggie Bush, Pierre Thomas- The Vikes have a stingy run defense. I like Reggie as more of big play receiver type and Pierre as more of a rusher with the touchdown possibility but still, I’d try and avoid these guys this week.

Visanthe Shiancoe- Big target and a good player to dump it off to if Favre is getting hammered.

Saints Defense- They most certainly could force some turnovers and get some sacks but I still imagine the Vikings will put up enough points to somewhat negate those.

Not a Prayer:

All other Vikings’ Receivers-Favre should be under durress and maybe one of these guys has an okay game but between Berrian, Camarillo and anyone else, its too hard to predict.

Vikings Defense- Nothing personal, its just the Saints are in town and they like scoring….a lot.

Cleveland Browns vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers                             Sunday September 12th, 1:00 PM

This game is really awful. The Browns really are still in major building mode and the Bucs are too cheap to acquire any talent. I kind of like the Browns defense and a little (very little) bit of their offense which is much more than I can say for the Bucs. In the game of the bottomfeeders, I choose the Browns.

Good to Go:

Mohamed Massaquoi- This might even be a stretch. He had some decent games last year and the Bucs defense is very weak. Delhomme, while mistake prone, still has an arm and some talent so he should be able to make Massaquoi somewhat relevant on a week-to-week basis.

Browns Defense- Adding Joe Haden certianly helped and Shaun Rogers is a big asset. The Bucs are relaying on Caddillac Williams to run and Josh Freeman to throw. Freeman’s time may be coming and the Bucs are starting to add receivers but they aren’t there yet.

Jerome Harrison-Montario Hardesty is on the ACL so Harrison is in line for a big work load. He did some damage against weak defenses last year (286 yards 3 tds against the Chiefs, 148 yards 1 td against the Raiders and 127 yards 1 td against the Jags) so he might have a good game in him.

In a Pinch:

Josh Cribbs- He is very tough to predict as he can just randomly explode for huge games through a variety of means (rushing, receiving, returning and passing). The Bucs defense isn’t good so he could definitely post some solid numbers but he also could bust, you just never know with him, its a roll of the dice.

Jake Delhomme-You will never see Delhomme higher than this category (unless he turns into the Delhomme of old, before the Tommy John surgery). He could put up passable (cringe at the pun) numbers this game.

Not a Prayer:

Tampa Bay offense-Sorry guys, maybe sometime in the future but not yet.

Bucs defense-Like them more than the offense but the Browns could still score some points and I don’t like their chances of forcing many turnovers.


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